a hands-on, educational experience that builds healthy self-confidence and encourages mental flexibility and nurtures the inherent creativity within young artists

kids can choose to make miniature pots, a lizard house, animal sculptures or whatever their hearts desire.

neurodivergence is welcome and creative strengths are encouraged here. ❤️


kids classes are for ages 3-12

adult supervision required for ages 3-7 ❤️

we have room for four kids — parents/guardians can hang out at the tables right outside the studio space while we make cool things

these classes are open to kids ages 3-12 and are taught by the studio owner, liza, who started her art career teaching kiddos at broward’s local art museums.

age range?
what are we making?
how many for class?

meet liza (big lizard)

non-traditional educator, maker, and guide to little lizards

gleaning from lived experiences as a self-proclaimed weirdo, and professional training with the NSU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (NSU-CARD), Liza has developed a variety of methods to use clay as a guide and comfort for kids who may otherwise have a hard time in more stimulating situations and environments. everybody’s welcome here.


good things to know

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what to expect when you get here

we operate outside in a covered, screened area. that said, nature is all around us. please expect: flora, fauna, and general #florida phenomena. long pants and closed toed shoes are highly recommended. 

how to find the studio

we are located in hollywood, fl just outside of downtown, at 2330 Monroe St. we’re the jungle house with a gravel driveway near the corner of 24th avenue. maps gets it wrong sometimes, don’t hesistate to double check with us.

does this include glazing?

this class includes clay, instruction, and the first firing. glazing scheduled separately.