meet the lizards

Señor Saźon, chief of operations

an absolute menace but we love him anyway.

liza q. furr, lead lizard / owner of dirty lizard ceramics studio

liza is a multidiscplinary artist born n’ raised in hollywood, fl. she has worked with clay since 2014, taught community classes in broward county since 2018, and launched dirty lizard in the summer of 2023.

liza combines a range of wheelthrowing and handbuilding techniques to create quietly curved, occasionally complex forms with weathered surfaces that reflect the south floridian landscape, concentrating mostly on drinking and storage vessels to share among the community. sipping deeply on the florida’s aquifer, I make these pots, and the pots make real the memory, of a memory, of our collective history — from deco-motifs, sloping architecture and algae-stained stucco to the muted greens, reds and yellows seen in our surrounding swamplands, I ask where do you live? is it here? do you see the heat and dirt and mildew? do you feel the layers of raw concrete and development? where have we taken ourselves?
IG: @dirtylizardstudio
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nick abrami, co-owner and kiln wizard

nick abrami is from st. pete, florida and has been working / teaching / experimenting with clay since 2007. nick received his MFA in Ceramics at University of Georgia in 2020.

nick sculpts and stretches coils of clay to resemble the structural components of buildings and objects relegated to non-use and memory over time, an idea/object generally referred to as a “thomasson.” these are objects in our every day life that remain physically present in spite of the redevelopment, renewal, and eventual replacement of the original environment.
nick is currently working on a new series of smaller works he intends to show in spring 2024.
IG: @nickabrami

sophia fiorella, studio assistant

sophia fiorella is a local multimedia illustrator, painter, and seamstress who has been making art as long as she or I can remember (so at least 20 years).

depending on the media, sophia’s process is both reductive and quest-like, a search to find and spotlight hidden, highly emotive characters loaded with streaks of bright color and all with their own personalities, externalize the internal worlds in which we live, the concepts and culture that surrounds and guides. through highly texturized paintings, small zines, multi-function fashion, sophia story-boards her way through life as a means to process, embody and devour reality as it unfolds in front of her. 

IG: @pobrecita_

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andrew medina, weekday wheel instructor

Andrew is a multimedia artist living in Fort Lauderdale, FL and has been working with clay for over 6 years.

andrew is currently working in freeform sculpture, utilizing coil building and slab forming techniques to produce biophilic and architectural ceramics. his work features detailed structures displayed within a body of metamorphosis, which he the n highlights with brightly colored gradients to evoke unexpected energy in otherwise stoic sculptures. 
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moonshine, head of studio security

if this were Men in Black he’d be our very own tommy lee jones

louis mcgouis, good boy on-site

ever meet a dog who howls along with ice cream trucks? someone get him a rocket pop already.