about the lizards

Señor Saźon, CEO / Head of Operations

an absolute menace but we love him anyway.

liza q. furr, lead lizard + owner of DLS

liza is a 29-year-old multidisciplinary artist born n’ raised in hollywood, fl. she found a deep love for clay in 2014, and spent the last five years teaching pottery classes all around broward county before launching dirty lizard in 2023.

liza combines a range of wheelthrowing and handbuilding techniques to create quietly curved, and sometimes complex forms with pitted and weathered surfaces in an effort to reflect the south floridian landscape, from its deco-inspired, sometimes mechanical architecture to the algae-stained stucco and muted greens, reds and yellows seen in our surrounding swamplands.

work for sale

nick abrami, co-owner and kiln wizard

nick abrami is from st. pete, florida and has been working / teaching / experimenting with clay since 2007.

nick sculpts and stretches coils of clay to resemble the structural components of buildings and objects relegated to non-use and memory over time, an idea/object generally referred to as a “thomasson.” these are objects in our every day life that remain physically present in spite of the redevelopment, renewal, and eventual replacement of the original environment.