firing weekly, cone 06-6

kiln share

personalized firing services

feel free to request a firing schedule, last minute firing, certain placement in the kiln (side, center, bottom, etc), stilts, tests, etc.

and, when you’re in our books, we’ll text you when we’re firing + when work is ready. how sweet is that?

weekly firings

bisque fire (cone 04) — second and fourth weekends

glaze fire (cone 6) — first and third weekends.

we try to stay on schedule, but forgive us if we miss a beat here or there… 

firing schedules

we fire a lot of functional work, but we also do sculpture, too. we fire up to cone 6 on a fully programmable kiln. let us know if you need something special, we’ll see if we can accomodate.

for those renting a full kiln, feel free to ask for ask for a firing cycle if you have one you like to use.

$ BISQUE — CONE 04 $

3¢ / cubic inch per piece, minimum firing fee of $15
quarter kiln — $50
half kiln — $100
full kiln — $170


5¢ / cubic inch, minimum $15
quarter kiln —$70
half kiln — $120
full kiln — $195

decals? luster?

it is a minimum charge of $100 to fire for luster or decals because of the size of our the kiln. we’re working on getting a smaller one for testing and things of this nature.

for now, this is a flat fee, so bring everything you have and maybe your friend’s work, too.

material requirements 🔥

our firings range from cone 017-6.
if you rent space with us, please be willing to answer a few questions about your materials!!

you MUST be able to provide the cone temperature rating of clay and glazes you use or be willing to wait for us to fire a small material test.

tests and experiments are welcome *with* a glaze catcher included. 
we will not to fire any clay / glaze you’re unsure of without proper testing at high temperatures. it’s a kiln damage thing, sorry!

— frequently asked —

more info

where is dirty lizard studio located? is there parking?

we’re located at 2330 monroe street in hollywood, florida. parking is available on the street in front of the house.

please let us know if you want to stop by and we can schedule an appointment. we really appreciate privacy ❤️ and try to preserve it best we can. thanks for understanding!

can i get some glazing help?

yes, we offer beginner and advanced glazing classes by request starting at 25/hr.

can i work with you guys at the studio 👉👈

yes :-) we have a lil space for those with experience and ability to work mostly by themselves.

can i bring my own clay?

sure, but you gotta know what the heck it is! no guessing!

you can also buy it from us or order with us from our suppliers, too.