a sweet, relaxing experience on the potter’s wheel for two or four.

first come first served ❤️ reservation includes complimentary drinks (21+)

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❤️‍🔥clay-date❤️‍🔥 couple’s pottery class

❤️‍🔥clay-date❤️‍🔥 couple’s pottery class


this is open to everyone WHO IS FULL OF LOVE: newcomers, seasoned potters and all makers in between (and over the age of 21)

a complete learning experience designed for brand new, never-touched-clay-before beginners, all for you and your sweetie.

text us for class and scheduling info — 954 459 8006

$175 / couple | double dates welcome

full class description

this is a complete learning experience designed for brand new, never-touched-clay-before beginners, all for you and your sweetie.

after settling in, we’ll demonstrate the process of centering, pulling, and shaping clay into functional art on the potter’s wheel. you’ll have three tries to make a bowl, cup or vase and add decoration (if you’d like) with texture tools afterwards. we’ll also show you how to add handles, carve a pattern and stamp sweet nothings on your pots. 

class includes complimentary drinks (high noons, wine, beers, etc. — your choice!) and additional time in the studio garden to hang out, relax, and decorate your pottery together. it’s a pretty good time. 

we run on island time here, so no worries if traffic gets you but do let us know if you’re running late, we’ll do our best to accomodate. 


all those lovely little details

good things to know

what will we make?

we’ll be on the wheel creating simple objects for every day use. we can also make heart shaped bowls if u want to…


when do we glaze?

pieces need to dry and be fired prior to glazing. we’ll be in touch generally 2-3 weeks following class.

once we text you, you’ll schedule here separately or come by, no appointment necessary, on glazy sundays between 11a and 6pm.

what to expect when you get here

we operate outside in a covered, screened area where nature is all around us. expect flora, fauna, and general #florida phenomena. 

long pants and closed toed shoes are highly recommended. 

dress down to get dirty

dress code? what’s that?

wear some sweats, or just something comfortable, with shoes you wouldn’t mind getting potentially splashed with clay water.

we have aprons so we’re not usually covered head to toe, but clay can get in places you didn’t know existed. try to plan accordingly.


you’re welcome to bring whatever makes you and your date comfortable 🐊❤️‍🔥

we’ll have some drinks for you both to choose from — high noons, bubbly rosé, decent beers and wine.

if i have taken wheelthrowing already can we take a different class?

sure, we can make mugs, barware, plates… talk to liza to figure out somethin’ special.

how to find the studio

our address is 2330 Monroe Street, Hollywood, FL. here’s a map :-)

park in the driveway or on the street in front and head to the sculpture at the gate— we’ll come open up for ya.