so glad you’re here 🌱

there’s something strangely soothing about clay, doubly so in the digital world we live in. like, do you remember the last time you let your hands out to play, to feel, to make?

that said [and in direct resistance to the age of endless information] we invite you to pause, disconnect, and create something instead.

now, whether that’s on the potter’s wheel or at the sculpture table is up to you — however, i think we’ve got a pretty fine selection of both wheel and handbuilding classes that appeal to just about anyone. scroll down to see ‘em, but don’t get stuck… and feel free to call or text for help if you need it.

scroll to book classes or text/call 👉 954-459-8006 with any questions at all.

we’ll see you in the studio!
❤️Liza (the lizard)

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book below and pay at the studio if you’d like via card, cash, or zelle/venmo.
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