if you’re here for open studio, you’re someone who has enough experience with clay to work independently.

to makers still honing their skills: you are more than welcome here and we are happy to offer you our experience, but we’ll be honest with you if you need to take some more classes with us before flying solo ❤️


we’re working on a membership program that we hope to launch soon 🐊 for now we’re trying to keep the studio accessible and a good deal for everyone involved via day rates.

we charge $25/day or $160/ month —firing is included for work made in-house during studio hours. 

we’re open* 11a - 8:30p, saturday through wednesday

you can usually drop in during these hours if you’re working at the table.

wheelthrowers! do us a favor and request a time slot here.

equipment for use

4 wheels / workhorses — (Pacifica GT, Shimpo Whisper VL, Shimpo RK-2 / aka grandma shrimpo, Axner M800)
Northstar 18-inch slab-roller 
27x27x30 top-loader kiln (^6-8)
raku kiln + accessories

studio offerings

+ weekly firing

+ large, sturdy worktables with plenty of natural light

+ garden tables for working en plein air 🌬️

+ fresh fruit growing of some kind that you can pick yourself. it’s organic :-) 

+ small, though steady stock of rotating glazes with the option to make and test your own recipes / BYO glazes

+ tools available for use 

+++ loving people and plenty of natural inspiration   


we understand financial and societal burdens have locked many talented people out of the incredibly rewarding and therapeutic way of making art with clay.
we offer a sliding scale rates and also have plenty of opportunities for volunteers to help us with small tasks around the studio in exchange for studio time.
if this in any way applies to you, please let us know.