omg it’s build-a-bong time

sundays in april @ 4:20pm

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you know what this is, man, don’t make me explain it. i’m just here to help you out.

build-a-bubbler workshop

build-a-bubbler workshop


this is open to everyone 21+ : newcomers, seasoned potters and all makers in between.

six seats available 🌿

$64.20 per person

choose a sesh

all those lovely little details

good things to know

walk-ins? sometimes…

you are welcome to sign up right before class starts but please !!! please text or call us before walking in!

we probably have some room for you but given the project, barge-ins are cause for paranoia and we don’t want that.

what to expect when you get here

we operate outside in a covered, screened area. that said, nature is all around us. please expect: flora, fauna, and general #florida phenomena. long pants and closed toed shoes are highly recommended. 

how to find the studio

we are located in hollywood, fl just outside of downtown, at 2330 Monroe St. more info will be sent with purchase confirmation.


    you’re welcome to bring just whatever makes you and your friends comfortable. 21+ drinks and waters are available in the beer fridge.