meet the lizards

paulino celestino mejía

Paulino is a 27-year old multimedia artist born and raised in hollywood, fl. Paulino has made art since childhood, concentrating in ceramics and painting over the last ten years. they are of Ch'ort'i Maya and Cuban descent, identify as queer or 2spirit, and are best known for both small- and large-scale sculptures inspired by Mayan art (both ancient and contemporary) depicting ornate scenes and powerful, sometimes ruthless deities and ancestors. 

Paulino makes work that parallels the ancients, with colors and symbology inspired by the deep, long-lasting spiritual and cultural impact of Mayan society. Paulino breathes modernity into an ancient methodology, honoring ancestors, the land, the creators and spirits with all they do. every piece of art is a prayer of some sort in Paulino's mind.

Paulino’s current work is on view now at the ArtsGarage in delray beach for the duration of november 2023.