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wheelthrowing 101 [beginner’s pottery class]

wheelthrowing 101 [beginner’s pottery class]

learn how to turn soft clay into functional art on the wheel with hollywood’s local potters

👉 B Y O B

$75 per student ▪️ 2hr class

shape soft clay into functional art using ~the potter’s wheel~ 

learn how to “throw” and “pull” clay into objects you can use everyday. you’ll harness the power of physics to stretch and shape spinning clay with your hands. you'll have 3 tries to make a set of bowls and cups and add decoration (if you’d like) with stamps and texture tools. 

we’ll finish your pieces with a clear glaze and have them ready to pick up within 3 weeks of class  :-)

yo, teach!

walk-ins? sometimes…

looking for something today? we might be around :-)  contact liza @ 954-459-8006 — texts preferred please! 


all the lovely little details

what to expect in class:

what you’ll make:

some beautiful pots with a whole lot of personality!

students generally make 2-3 pieces each — could be bowls, plates, short cups. small vases, etc.

where we’ll make it:

class occurs outdoors in our covered backyard studio. expect flora, fauna, and general #florida phenomena. 

what you’ll keep:

you’ll get to keep any pieces you make, up to three pots each.

how we’ll glaze it:

schedule a glazing day with us here!

we’ll have pieces ready to glaze two weeks after class.

all pieces are food-safe once finished.

when you’ll get it:

we’ll text you when work is ready! please allow for 2-4 weeks of processing after class.

we appreciate the patience —this is a long process and we try hard to keep a steady schedule but sometimes things happen. we’ll keep in touch if so!

we will store work for 45 days after we text you your work is ready!!!

but also: life happens, just talk to us if you can’t get back to the studio in that time period and we will figure something out.

however, if we can’t get a hold of you, work will have to be sent to alternative storage (don’t worry, all pots go to heaven)

if you’d like to come at a different time:

if these times don’t work, you can text or call liza — 954 459 8006 — to see if we’re available.

dress code? more like mess code…

make sure to dress for a mess, not for dinner!!

short nails, long pants, and closed-toed shoes are highly recommended. 

👇 good things to know


you’re welcome to bring whatever makes you and your friends comfortable — food, booze, etc. we’ll have flat + fizzy water available for ya, too ✨

four wheels // four people to a class

we have a max of four people in wheel classes. please, no surprises 🙏🏻

more than four? we’ll see if we can figure something out at the handbuilding table if you have a larger party. we teach many things beyond round things — pipe making, figure sculpting, etc — and the options are actually unlimited, so don’t hesitate to ask :)

how to find us:

here is a map to our studio!

you’re looking for a jungle house with a gravel driveway leading to a wooden gate. there’s big banyan tree in the front yard.

carpool if you can! we have room for one or two cars in the driveway.

you can also park on the street / swale under the trees (but not on the sidewalk, please!)

where to go when you get here:

you are there, we are here

once you’ve arrived, follow the gravel driveway to the sculpture at the wooden gate, we’ll come open up for ya.