a hands-on, educational experience that builds healthy self-confidence, encourages mental flexibility and nurtures the inherent creativity within young artists

weekly walk-in classes 🌿

sundays at 11a | thursdays @ 3:30pm
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li’l lizards — kids pottery class

li’l lizards — kids pottery class

four seats available — open to ages 8-12

we welcome kids and their parents to a wholesome and nourishing pottery experience. these are private classes so feel free to bring the BFFF or enjoy a solo lesson with your kiddo.  

kids get four chances to make two pots — could be bowls, cups, plates, etc. we’ll demonstrate how to center, pull the walls up, and shape a piece, and then use texture tools to personalize each piece. 

parents + guaradians are welcome to sit back & relax, or join in on the fun, too. 

text liza @ 954-459-8006 for details about larger groups, birthday parties, holiday camps and more. 


kids wheelthrowing classes are for ages 8-12. it’s a strength and size thing❤️

we have classes for K-2nd grade here

meet your teacher — liza (big lizard)

Liza Furr has been teaching the ways of clay since 2019.

gleaning from lived experiences as a self-proclaimed weirdo, and professional training with the NSU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (NSU-CARD), Liza has developed a variety of methods to use clay as a guide and comfort for kids who may otherwise have a hard time in more stimulating environments.

everybody’s welcome here.

liza q. furr is a lifelong floridian, multidisciplinary artist and lizard lover. she started working with clay in 2014 while studying at the university of north florida, where she earned a B.A. in sociology with a minor in ceramic arts, though there’s nothing minor about it …

liza taught at several art studios and museums through out broward county before launching dirty lizard studio in june 2023. she usually pinches and coils clay in functional objects, occasionally hopping on the wheel when she’s looking for a little excitement. 


all those lovely little details

good things to know

what will we make?

kids will get three chances to make two pots, and decorate their pots using texture and stamps.

glazing is included.

when do we glaze it?

this class includes clay, instruction, and the first firing. glazing scheduled separately after pots are fired.

when do we pick up our pottery?

please give us 2-4 weeks following the day of class to take your pots through the whole ceramics process!

what to expect when you get here

we operate outside in a covered, screened area. that said, nature is all around us. please expect: flora, fauna, and general #florida phenomena. 

long pants and closed toed shoes are highly recommended. 

how to find the studio

we are located in hollywood, fl just outside of downtown, at 2330 Monroe St. we’re the jungle house with a gravel driveway near the corner of 24th avenue. maps gets it wrong sometimes, don’t hesistate to double check with us.