a gathering space for people with creative tendencies

drop in, hang out, make work

open stüdio access

open stüdio access

❤️ studio sharing is caring ❤️

sundays 2-8

mondays 11-8:30

thursdays 11-8:30

pay by day ($20-$40) plus any firing fees for works that exceed one shelf (27x27)

BYOB. purchase studio clay here or bring your own cone 6 clay.

fyi, this is geared to potters who need a place to make, fire, and finish work. we are just here with the space and ability to share an accessible working zone for those who need it semi-regularly.

we are not a production studio.


open to those who have taken a pottery course in the past. you can request a refresher class at any time.

guided studio time

we’re here to help you out if you need assistance to a reasonable degree.

open studio is especially helpful for new potters who have a grasp on concept but need help with execution. practice practice practice 🗝

if we feel like we’re entering class territory, we’ll let you know. boundaries baby!

we have clay available for purchase @ $25 per bag


if you’re a lizard i’m a lizard. 

more info

working with us at the studio

we are here making pots, selling pots, and teaching people about pots.

our aim is to provide a space where people can gather, make work, and explore ideas in a living environment that nourishes creativity, with no upfront, month-long commitment required.

open studio hours

sundays 2-8

mondays 2-8

thursdays 11-9

if you feel like dropping in to see the space first, text 954-459-8006 to get in touch with liza and schedule a visit.

bring your own clay

double check with us that it’s rated cone 6. we are willing to run tests if you’re unsure.

equipment and materials

at dirty lizard studio, you’ll find…

  • 4 wheels (pacifica GT, shimpo whisper, shimpo RK-2, axner M800) 
  • Northstar 18-inch slab-roller 
  • 22x22x30 top-loader orton kiln (^6-8)
  • Raku kiln + accessories 
  • large, sturdy worktables with plenty of natural light
  • small, but steady stock of rotating glazes with the option to make and test your own recipes
  • tools / materials available for use and purchase
  • loving people and plenty of inspiration


storage is limited.

we can store clay and in-progress pots, but we ask you bring your tools and working materials (bottled glazes etc) with you instead of storing them with us here.

we’ll be able to hold finished work for a short amount of time but be ready to take things home with you asap once they have been fired.

what to expect when you get here

we operate outside in a covered, screened area. that said, nature is all around us. please expect: flora, fauna, and general #florida phenomena. long pants and closed toed shoes are highly recommended. 

how to find the studio

we’re located in a house in hollywood, fl, just southwest of downtown on monroe street and 24th avenue.

for address details and how exactly to find us, contact the studio at 954-408-2046 for more info.

sliding scale + exchange options

dirty lizard studio is by and for ceramic artists, and we try to keep it accessible. please talk to us if you want to get back in the clay studio but are unable to swing the full cost. there’s always work to do here, and we would love the help. if you’d like to contribute hours in exchange for studio access, all exchanges will be equitable, and we will never exploit or take advantage of your kindness. we expect the same from you.